by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Six years ago, Anna Bertolini distinctly recalls turning to her husband and declaring, “It looks like every time we organize a cookout it rains or it’s too hot and everyone ends up in the kitchen, while we are out there holding an umbrella trying to flip burgers.”

She wanted to move the party outside, but they had a traditional pergola that didn’t lend itself well to hosting such cookouts. When she discovered The Smart Pergola, however, everything changed.

Customizable in color and size, The Smart Pergola has a remote-controlled roof that opens and closes. Made of powder coated extruded aluminum with stainless steel components, it’s completely maintenance free. One never needs to paint or stain, nor worry about the structure rusting or rotting. Homeowners can angle the louvers to create complete shade yet still have an open roof to provide good airflow, allowing heat to escape. The fan invites in fresh air so even on the hottest days you can enjoy being outdoors.

The Bertolinis were such fans of The Smart Pergola that they took over local distributorship five years ago.

“Especially in Indiana, when so much of the year you have to spend inside, you want to make the most of being outside,” says Bertolini. “With this pergola, on a cold evening, you can close the louvers, get the fire pit going, and stay warm. If the skies start spitting rain, the rain sensor automatically closes the louvers creating shelter. And you don’t have to wake up to sopping wet cushions.”

“We had a patio which we loved but never used because it was either too hot or too wet,” she says. “We can now schedule a cookout or a gathering with friends a month in advance, knowing we can use the area.”

Now Bertolini encourages others to demand, “No more cookouts in the kitchen!”