Black is a classic design color that never goes out of style, and right now, it is popping up everywhere. But it’s not just any kind of black trending – homeowners are gravitating towards matte black finishes. Matte black can be subtle and simple, or it can be a real eye-catcher.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate matte black finishes in your kitchen.


Not so sure about matte black? Use it sparingly.

Simple cabinet hardware can give a dramatic look to white shaker cabinets, or a rustic vibe to gray stained cabinetry.

Black stainless faucets & black composite sinks make dishwashing a little more [visually] appealing.

Light fixtures and other decor are great options that can be swapped out easily. You can see if black is the right color for your space first without making any big commitments.

The great thing about matte black is that is goes with everything – you don’t have to use it everywhere. It’s great with brushed silvers, whites & even gold tones. You could combine a black stainless faucet with a white cast iron farmhouse-style sink and champagne gold cabinet hardware.


Homeowners have fallen in love with black stainless appliances. They are sleek, they are sophisticated, they are new, & best of all they don’t show [as many] fingerprints. Depending on your cabinetry, the black stainless can either blend with the design or can act as a contrasting element in the space. Either way, we love it!


Are you ready to add an intense impact to your kitchen? Consider using Cambria’s Blackpool Matte Quartz Countertop. You could get lost in this countertop, just like you would gazing up at the stars in a moonless black sky. Absolutely stunning!

If you’re looking for something a little more refined, check out Cambria’s Edinburough. Though softer and more muted in color, it’s equally as beautiful.


A solid matte black backsplash tile could be a complement to a marble-look countertop, highlighting the veining of the counter. Or perhaps it could serve as a clean backdrop to a kitchen with darker finishes.

For an art-deco feel in your space, add a black and white encaustic tile backsplash to complete the look of your sleek and simple slab cabinetry and solid-toned countertops.


Looking for a something a little bolder that will really make heads turn? Design your entire kitchen around black cabinetry. While it definitely adds a bit of drama to your home, designed right, it can also add a touch of class, sophistication, and spunk!

Your home should be a reflection of you and your style. So, whether your matte black finishes are classic and simple or extravagant and fearless, own it! Love where you live and let your design speak for itself.

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