by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Lighting is an easy way to update, innovate, or satiate a desire to try something new. As we look ahead at the 2020 lighting trends in home design, a number of contemporary geometric shapes and choices are entering the market. These distinctive shapes offer homes a focal point that will not only serve to literally brighten up a space but also inspire “wow” reactions from guests.

Honeycomb lights, for example, provide symmetry and yet enable the homeowner to exercise their creative license as they can design the shapes in whatever manner they want. Geometric chandeliers are also ultra-modern and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and options, including circular, rectangular, diamond, and globe.

While most of the trends from 2019 will still be relevant, there’s a marked shift towards black lighting fixtures. Black will always convey elegance, luxury, and classic beauty, so whether we’re talking about pendant lighting, chandeliers, flush mount, or lantern lighting, black is always in style.

According to Jodi Burtner, owner of Burtner Electric, Inc., “While metallic is still a popular pick for light fixtures, you’ll start to see more black lighting fixtures in the upcoming year.”

Burtner also predicts that woven pendants and beaded chandeliers will be a top trend in 2020.

“The natural elements will give your home a unique and warm feel while also infusing simplicity and a modern style,” says Burtner. “Lighting doesn’t have to be standard.”

If you’re looking to freshen up your home with light fixtures, select the ones you want and contact Burtner Electric, Inc. to install them for you.