by Courtney Walker-Pope

Anniversaries of any milestone are special, but marking half of a century in business is incredible and one local business has accomplished just that. Custom Concrete is celebrating 50 years of business in Indianapolis and their biggest appreciation is for their employees, customers, and community!

Jason Ells of Custom Concrete shares some of their most rewarding moments, “Bringing the “Turn-Key” foundation to the Indianapolis market, three different employees serving on the board for our National Concrete Foundations Association and watching so many people create a career and spend so many years here.”

To celebrate, they aren’t compacting the memories into one day or even one week – the company has been celebrating all year long. “We are creating a video with testimonies from several customers and employees, and we are planning a breakfast with all of our employees to recognize and reminisce the last 50 years!” shares Ells.

J. Maloy of CRG Residential LLC shares just one of many positive testimonials, “Their attention to detail, cleanliness, ability to figure out potential issues and come to me with ways to fix these possible issues was exemplary.”

What do the next 50 years look like for Custom Concrete? Ells beams with pride, “The continuous improvement of everything we do, providing the best foundations for all types of buildings, staying in touch with and in front of the latest technologies and helping our employees be the best version of themselves.”

If you’d like to follow along with Custom Concrete’s celebration, visit their website or social channels and when your concrete needs arise, you know the quality company to contact at 317-896-2885.