by Matt Keating

Fortnite, Rocket League, Overwatch, Mario Kart. If video games continue to dominate your kids’ imaginations, maybe it’s time to install a game or media room. It’s a space the entire family can enjoy, and your children can invite their friends over to share the fun.

The first challenge to creating the perfect video game and movie room is selecting the right video display and audio system for your family. Digital Sight & Sound can guide you to the right choice for your needs.

One great option is a video wall. Imagine 3×2 video wall – yes, that is 3 screens wide and 2 screens tall. Now imagine each player linking up to an individual screen with their mobile devices. Playing games or sharing the latest memes or viral videos. How about Xbox game night, everyone brings their Xbox and have 6 running at once. Or push a button and watch a movie on one giant screen – yes, they all combine to make one giant screen!

They can also recommend which quality sound system will best suit your particular room and budget. Because room size and acoustics vary from space to space, a custom solution will provide you with the best sound. The team from Digital Sight & Sound will take care to ensure your system is installed the right way, so it performs smoothly and consistently.

With a great media room, your kids will stay entertained through the long cold winter and have the perfect space to hang out with friends. So, give Digital Sight & Sound a call at 317-848-0101 or visit to get your video game and movie room started.