by Christy Heitger-Ewing

When you want a front door that really makes a statement, it’s important to consider all of your options and how it will affect your home’s aesthetic. The team at Franklin Window & Door is here to help make that process easier.

When Kate Ellison, Franklin Window & Door’s in-home sales specialist, meets with clients, she uses an iPad door design app that enables homeowners to mix and match different options for their custom door.

“They can pick out different door styles, glass, grid patterns, and hardware. They can also paint it, make it look like a wood door, and do stain colors,” explains Ellison. “A visual really helps people get excited.”

For instance, say somebody is gravitating toward purchasing a steel contemporary door. Once they can see it against their red brick colonial style house, they recognize that the style doesn’t mesh.

“I think people appreciate us taking care of them like that,” says Ellison, who lists five popular styles of exterior doors.


Modern farmhouse exterior doors offer a heaping portion of wholesome, hearty style and quality. Options vary from rustic double doors with iron strap hinges and a barn-like aesthetic to more simple panels with large panes of glass separated by slim but solid wood mullions.


If you have a standard sized entryway, you can choose from wood, wood clad, fiberglass, and steel with the options for glass inserts, sidelights, and transoms. Premier manufacturers offer a range of choices, from natural grain to eclectic color palettes. While “traditional” implies a classic style, you can also choose more modern and contemporary doors to complement both your exterior and interior décor.


Pivot doors, which rotate on a pivot box (floor) and jam (top) rather than on side hinges as is typical, offer an unconventional, contemporary, bold statement. Not only does this introduce a sleek aesthetic, pivot models are ideal for large entryways. You can even opt for double pivots for door panels that seem almost independent of the frame.


From ultra-modern to an ageless classic, a Craftsman door works best with Craftsman architecture, allowing their simple, natural charm to shine through. Crafted from hardwood, they may be stained or painted. You also have the option of selecting reproductions made from composite wood or steel for greater durability and protection from the elements.


Depending on the size of your home and entryway, a larger door may be necessary to complete the aesthetic.

“I was just at a beautiful brick home that had an entry door and two side lights and transom,” says Ellison. “We’re replacing that with 8 ft. double doors that will make more of a statement and go better with the size of the house.”

Regardless of the door style, homeowners can customize everything from the size and color to adding extra bling with specialty hardware. The great thing about working with a custom door dealer is that every homeowner can put their own mark on their door.

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