by Matt Keating

With many cold days and nights in store for the next several months, Brian Schutt, owner of Homesense Heating & Cooling, says the time might be right for homeowners to consider a furnace replacement.

“If your furnace makes strange noises or produces odd odors, you may be ready,” Schutt said. “If it’s an older model with less efficiency than current models, it’s probably a good idea to get some pricing options before the middle of winter. We have been recommending three of the gas furnace models available from global heating and cooling leader Daikin.”

Daikin offers an industry leading 12 year parts and labor warranty with new furnace equipment, and many of the top rated high efficiency options come standard.

“Shopping in the fall for a new furnace can usually give homeowners a better price than if they wait for it to have an emergency,” said Schutt. “In addition, there are better rebates and 0% financing options if they make a decision before December.”

The three main factors in pricing your furnace replacement will always be size, efficiency, and brand, according to Schutt. He also added smart home technology as yet another factor. “Alexa and Google enabled thermostats make home comfort control one step easier, and add very little cost to your new furnace installation,” he said.

A Homesense team member is happy to evaluate your furnace and help you weigh all your options so you can make the best decision. Contact Homesense Heating & Cooling to schedule a free appointment before winter arrives.