by Matt Keating

When you live in Indiana, the weather can change on the spin of a dime, but Anna Bertolini, owner of The Smart Pergola, says their pergolas have you covered.

“You may not be able to count on the Indiana weather, but you can count on The Smart Pergola to protect you, your family, and your friends from it,” Bertolini said. The Smart Pergola, which is customizable in color and size, has a remote-controlled roof that opens and closes.

Using the remote, or the app on your phone, you can angle the louvers to let the heat out, keeping you in the shade. You can also close them to keep the warmth in during those crisp evenings.

“With its rain sensor, the louvers will automatically close as soon as it feels rain, keeping you and your furniture dry,” Bertolini stated. The gutter system collects the rainwater, draining it off into the downspouts inside the posts.

Bertolini noted that you can extend the use of your outdoor area, because the remote-controlled screens not only block the early morning/evening sun, but also the driving wind and rain.

“If you really want to be out there even more, the vinyl drops with the addition of a heater, or fire table, will take you through the colder months,” she said. “With the addition of lights, fans, speakers, a television, and a grill, you won’t want to go inside! We’ve been told by many of our 300 local customers that The Smart Pergola is their favorite room in the house!”

The powder coated, extruded aluminum of The Smart Pergola is maintenance free, so there is no need to paint or stain it. It also won’t rust or rot, according to Bertolini. “It holds the snow, so you can leave your furniture out in the winter and grill, without having to shovel first!”

The Smart Pergola is not only extremely functional, but it has a certain cool factor that enhances the aesthetic of any outdoor space. Bertolini said. “Don’t take our word for it. Go and check them out at one of the many restaurants that have them!” Visit for the full list of locations, and to learn how you can stop worrying about the weather and start enjoying your outdoor space.