by Matt Keating

When it’s time to do electrical work around the house, having a licensed and insured company handle your electrical work is the only way to ensure you are safe. Knowledge, safety, and insurance are the three main reasons you should use a licensed electrician, according to Pulse Electrical & Communications. It’s also the smart way to avoid a potential disaster.

Jodi Burtner, owner of Burtner Electric, Inc., says, “Some central Indiana cities require a licensed electrician to do electrical work, and some do not. It is always advised that you check with your local building codes and follow them when it comes to getting a licensed professional. Marion County is one of those that require that work is done by a licensed electrical contractor.”

Burtner Electric is licensed to do work in Marion County, as well as in Anderson, Lawrence, and other places. “Although most of the cities in Hamilton County do not require electrical work to be done by a licensed electrical contractor, it is beneficial for you to get one,” Burtner says.

Licensing protects homeowners from mistakes made by individuals who do not know what they are doing. “Licensed electricians follow the National Electric Code, and perform their work to those standards,” Burtner says. “A homeowner must weigh the costs of using a relative, friend or handyman, versus an electrical contractor.” Work not performed to the National Electric Code may have to be re-done at some point down the road. If you pay someone to do work that is not up to code, you might sell your home a few years later, and have to pay again for the work to be done properly. In that case, you are paying twice for the work to be done.

“Our licensing requires that we carry the appropriate comprehensive insurance and worker’s compensation insurance,” say Burtner. “If you hire someone without insurance coverage, you will be responsible for any injuries that occur on the job site, and for any damage caused to your home, due to their work.”

One of the most important reasons to choose a licensed electrician is for peace of mind.

“Because your family sleeps in your home, electrical safety is of utmost importance,” Burtner says. “Although you can’t see electricity, you can rest easily at night knowing that a professional like the employees at Burtner Electric, Inc. have done the job up to code, and up to your safety standards.”

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