by Matt Keating

Every day is a perfect day to play golf when it’s played on a home golf simulator. Whether you want to develop better golfing skills, or you’re looking for a unique way to enhance your home’s recreational space, a golf simulator can be fun for the entire family.

Ray Rice, owner of Digital Sight & Sound, shared that golf simulators have increased in popularity over the last few years as an active form of entertainment that can be enjoyed year-round. “Golf simulators vary widely in cost and production,” says Rice. He noted that there are some outstanding reproductions of well-known golf courses that many homeowners would love to play but may not have the opportunity in real life. With a golf simulator, golfers can challenge themselves with courses that are painstakingly recreated to be realistic. “With the more advanced models, the only thing lacking will be the ocean breeze on a Pebble Beach course.

A large number of settings can be customized, such as, number of players, course and weather conditions. Golfers’ results can even be put into an online account where they can be ranked against other players.

Digital Sight & Sound can provide a customized golf simulator system for your home or business. Call them at 317-848-0101 for more information on adding one to your home.