Imagine a world without a fixed screen to obstruct the view from your patio or porch. Imagine a world where at the touch of a button you instantly screen your exterior living space. At Drapery Street, we LOVE outdoor retractable motion screens and the many benefits they offer. Whether you are looking for pest protection, solar protection, or privacy, our motorized retractable screens are versatile and serve many purposes. Drapery Street’s screens transform any architectural openings into a functional living space. Here are some of our favorite benefits:


Don’t lose the use of your patio just because the weather changes. Use them to enjoy the summer breeze without irritating pests. Lower them to protect from autumn winds and spring showers. Retractable screens are as close as you can get to being able to control Mother Nature.


Retractable motorized screens offer privacy from prying eyes and put your mind at ease. Sunbathe, enjoy a hot tub, work on a home improvement project, or simply read a good book in peaceful privacy thanks to your screens. When you’re ready to let the world in again, simply raise them back up.


No one can predict the weather, but you don’t have to when you have motorized screens. Use them to take refuge from chilly autumn winds. Lower them against winter snowfall. Protect yourself against spring rain. Easily change them with the press of a button to follow the changing angle of the sun over the course of the day. If constantly adjusting their height frustrates you, consider motorized screens with sun sensors for automatic adjustment. The weather is no longer your enemy, thanks to retractable motorized screens.


Everyone loves summer but hates the bugs that come with the warm weather. Enjoy the warmth and refreshing summer breeze without an invasion from pests. These screens are especially useful for evening meals when you want to eat dinner, but not let mosquitos eat you for dinner. Keep out mosquitos, flies, bees, wasps, or any other pest. Enjoy the outdoors without the outdoors bugging you.


Drapery Street installs motorized screens with care for your home. Our technicians respect your home and leave it the way they found it, without making a mess for you to clean up. The installation process is different for every home, so please ask us any questions you may have about the procedure. You can trust that we will install your new, beautiful retractable screens correctly the first time. Warranty For further peace of mind, our screens come with a full warranty to protect homeowners. If there is something wrong, we will take care of it. We stand by our products and craftsmanship. Our business is making sure your home is comfortable and enjoyable.

Enjoy your outdoor living spaces nearly year round. Contact Drapery Street for a complimentary design consultation at 317-399-1746.