Duke Homes Launches Aberdeen – Indiana’s First Wellness Lifestyle Community

by Christy Heitger-Ewing

An innovative neighborhood, Indiana’s first-ever wellness lifestyle community, is being brought to life in Bargersville by premier Central Indiana community developer and home builder Duke Homes, Inc. The design of Aberdeen incorporates hiking trails and agrihood amenities such as an operating farm, community gardens, and fruit trees. Programmed activities, as well as ample woods, green spaces, sports courts, and community buildings for exercise classes provide opportunities to socialize with neighbors and enjoy the benefits of more natural outdoor spaces.

The developers had three key goals in mind when envisioning Aberdeen. They wanted a community that fosters relationships with one another, strengthens relationships with nature, and creates a greater, more active lifestyle through amenities and activities.

“We know that sincere relationships are important for the well-being of people, that being close to nature positively affects people, and that being a part of something bigger than yourself leads to a more purpose-filled life,” says Isaac Duke, Vice President of Duke Homes. “These are things that we hope to bring to the table at Aberdeen.

Rather than going home on the weekends, parking in the garage, and shutting the doors, Aberdeen encourages homeowners to engage with their neighbors and with nature. To encourage that kind of social engagement, they are planning a variety of activities, including a spring speaker series on organic farming, nutrient dense soil, and nutrient dense cooking. They also want to make available to residents ongoing educational classes in gardening, nutrition, and art.

Another unique aspect, thanks to the lay of the land, there is a miniature wooded amphitheater that sits on the property. It is an ideal spot for children to play in an outdoor theatre. In addition, to get people mingling, they plan to have programmed social activities such as concerts on the lawn and food truck Fridays.

The concept of unplugging and recharging is not about removing technology altogether, rather, it is about finding a healthy balance. Immersing oneself in nature rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul, as studies have shown repeatedly.

“As a builder and developer, our goal is to glorify God in everything we do,” says Isaac. “That doesn’t mean that we are perfect. But it does mean that we are about people and making a positive impact. Aberdeen is our most authentic and direct attempt at living out this mission.”

The Dukes also care a great deal about giving back to their community so for every lot that’s sold, $500 goes into the Aberdeen Foundation that will serve the greatest needs in Johnson County.

Section 1 of Aberdeen is now open with additional holds available for Sections 1 and 2. Ultimately, the community will include 278 home sites on close to 400 acres, 100 of which is wooded and green common space. For more information on this unique and beautiful community, call 317-422-9000 or visit AberdeenLiving.com.