by Matt Keating

There’s nothing better than a roaring fire on a cold night, and modern, linear fireplaces are becoming a hot trend in many Indiana homes. Linear fireplaces are a style of gas fireplace that can be installed in most indoor or outdoor spaces.

Joe Garcia, owner of G&G Custom Homes based in Westfield, said, “It seems like today, things have turned to the more modern look, which is a linear fireplace, as opposed to a typical square one. They are longer, but not as tall. It’s a cleaner look.”

Linear fireplaces add contemporary style to any space in a home and are great for entertaining.

Garcia noted that linear fireplaces have some advantages over other styles. “It’s more of a look, and most linear ones come with a light kit, so you can have different color LED lights on without turning on the fireplace,” Garcia stated.

Televisions can also be installed near a linear fireplace to enhance a den or living room.

“Some of these fireplaces also take the heat out from around the fireplace, so you can put the television close to the opening, without heating up the TV,” Garcia said. “It also allows noncombustible materials to be close to the opening, as opposed to a typical fireplace, where you cannot do that.”

Garcia added that choosing the right fireplace for your home ultimately comes down to what fits with your style and best suits your needs.

“Its really about personal preferences,” Garcia said. “Linear fireplaces do allow you to be closer to the opening on certain models, especially when people like televisions above the fireplaces these days.”

Linear fireplaces also let homeowners enjoy the relaxing feeling of a fireplace, without the design limitations of a traditional fireplace. Garcia noted that there are different types of great-looking finishes to put on your fireplace, such as metal and stone.

“We use all of these, and some fireplaces allow you to put wood or drywall close to the opening, to get a cleaner look,” Garcia said. “Metal is popular these days as well, for a more modern look. You are also still seeing some all stone fireplaces for a more rustic feel.”

With a sleek, streamlined appearance, linear fireplaces have a modern appeal and aesthetic no matter the finishes. Their clean, simplified lines are not bulky or intrusive to the space in a living room or den. Not to mention the convenience of modern gas-powered linear fireplaces that provide instant and efficient heat that can be turned on and off with the touch of a button.

If you’re ready to build your dream home, a custom linear fireplace might be the perfect addition to complete your vision. Contact G&G Custom Homes at 317-418-7665 or visit to learn more.