by Matt Keating

March is the perfect month to start late winter/early spring cleaning, and that includes your air conditioner. Brian Schutt, owner of Homesense Heating & Cooling, says it’s better not to wait until the weather gets too warm to take care of your A/C.

“Like anything mechanical, it breaks down over time,” Schutt said. “For a fraction of the cost of a repair, getting a spring tune-up on an

A/C unit will reduce the likelihood of an emergency, and provide insight into the parts that may be at risk.” Homeowners should make an annual checkup a priority for their air conditioner.

Schutt explains that it is sort of like going to the doctor for a physical. “By getting a holistic analysis of our machine, our body, we’re informed on what our health really is – and can make more responsible decisions to maximize our longevity,” he says. “The same concept holds true with your air conditioner.”

At Homesense, their whole vision is to establish lifelong client relationships built on a foundation of trust.

“Our clients trust us because we use tune-up appointments to provide a thorough clean and check of their air conditioner,” Schutt noted. “Many HVAC businesses too often use these appointments as an opportunity to sell something – usually in a pushy way. Not our team. We hire for integrity and reward for client experience, not selling.”