by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Homeowners install new garage doors for so many reasons. That old garage door may be dented or worn, or unsightly and outdated. In some cases, homeowners are simply looking to upgrade their home’s curb appeal, and they know that changing their garage door is a great way to make a visual impact.

“A garage door is such a large portion of the exterior elevation of most homes that an upgrade can make a big difference to the overall look of a house – especially if your existing door is bent up, damaged, or weathered,” says Joel Belyew, President of Precision Door Service of Indianapolis. He admits that it can be tricky to dial in on the specific style folks are looking for, however.

“People generally want to do something that looks interesting, so they’ll show me a door that they like, then point out a totally different kind that also catches their eye,” explains Belyew. “I’m thinking, ‘Okay, how am I going to tie that together?’” To help solve the problem, he encourages clients to play around with apps like the Door Designer ( to generate ideas. The software lets you to pick your look, your color, your design, and your style to generate a mock-up of the house with the selections you have chosen. Or come into the office and Belyew and his staff can show the mock-up on a large monitor in their conference room.

“We can present them a picture of their house on a big screen scale,” says Belyew, noting that in years past, garage doors were fairly characterless. “If you look at just five or six years ago, even brand-new homes all got the same thing – raised panels. Now that has all changed.”

Today homeowners can pick from a wide variety of colors, designs, and materials, enabling them to differentiate and personalize their structure.

Installing windows to break up expansive garage doors allows natural light in without compromising privacy, and while homeowners have done this for years, generally windows were only installed across the top of the door.

Now people use their creative license to put windows all over the door, in the middle, or just down one side. Using obscure glass for privacy, these days anything is possible. One can even choose to install all-glass doors for a dramatic change that serves to modernize curb appeal in a unique way.

Another trend that Belyew has witnessed in recent years is the popularity of black garage doors.

“It caught me off guard at first, but each one we have installed has turned out amazing,” says Belyew. People like black because it ties in with their roof shingles or wrought iron light fixtures. “They definitely stand out.”

If you are ready to upgrade your curb appeal with a garage door that stands out from the crowd, call Precision Door Service of Indianapolis 317-943-4737 or visit for more information.