by Matt Keating

You probably spend more time in your garage than you realize. Whether you are parking the car, taking care of your outdoor spaces and equipment, or working on a special project, you need proper lighting to get things done. Here are five great ways to improve your garage lighting:

LED Lights

They can be used to lower your electric bills and effectively light the garage. They give you the same effective lighting at a lower wattage and cost. Mike Lamb of Burtner Electric says, “Using led strip lights in place of open bulb keyless fixtures will save you energy and will modernize the look of your garage lighting.”

Ambient Lighting

Use ambient lighting for a soft overhead light in the garage. This can really light up the floors and walls for safety, parking, and work projects. Task lighting is also perfect for storage and work areas. It lets you avoid eye strain when you are organizing the garage, or really concentrating on a detailed home improvement job.

Lamb noted that “adding more fixtures over a work area, or a work bench, will dramatically improve how you see your garage projects, and permanently installed fixtures are safer than job lights that you plug in and have to remember to unplug when you are finished using them.”

Motion Sensors

Install motion sensors to lower electricity consumption. Motion activated lights not only turn on when you walk into the space, but they shut the garage lights off within a short time frame if no one is moving in the garage, saving you money.

Bulb Wattage

Buy bulbs that have enough wattage. Garages have different lighting requirements depending on the size of the garage and the number of windows. High wattage bulbs might be your best option if you have a big garage or little natural light. Be sure not to install a higher wattage bulb than your fixture recommends.

Fixture Type

Select light fixtures based on function and type. It helps to choose fixtures that will light the garage evenly. If you opt for several flush-mount fixtures, make sure they are placed at an equal distance to each other.

You will find yourself more relaxed and in a better mood when you have the right lighting for working in your garage. Contact Burtner Electric at 317-773-7663 or online at for help lighting your garage more effectively.