by Christy Heitger-Ewing

The vision at California Closets is to design better lives.

“We do that through a collaborative co-creation design experience,” says Marcus Hall, President and Partner of California Closets.

Typically, a designer will meet at a client’s home or office in order to see and measure the space. At that meeting, the client talks through what they’re looking to achieve with the project and shares their budget range. They may also provide a picture or inspirational image of a project they admire.

“Meeting with the client helps me pick up other things that are important to them,” says Erin Moore, Executive Designer of California Closets. “I can quickly figure out what their design style is and incorporate it into any designs we’ll do.”

Through her expertise, training, and years of experience, Moore takes what she’s given and creates an idea. She then checks in with the client, tweaks the idea, and produces iterations of that design in combination with her client. This collaborative process starts by inviting the client into the showroom where the designer illustrates possible designs on their 80-inch television screen. Then the designer and client combine their ideas to come up with the perfect creation.

“Everything we do is custom. There is no, ‘Hey, I want #7,’” says Hall. “Our collaborative experience involves co-creating something together. Then we custom manufacture it and our team of installers come out to your home or office and deliver the product through a white-glove-finished installation experience.”

The whole experience is then capped off with a celebration as the designer adds personal touches to each project.

“Erin has done some cool things to celebrate a space, whether it’s a little thank-you note on custom hangers or including a special piece of artwork,” says Hall. “It’s all part of designing a better life.”

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