Deciding on a signature cocktail for your special event can be complicated; but without a doubt it makes for a unique impression on your guests. How do you best evoke the feeling you want? What kind of glass will offer the best presentation? What liquor will you choose? Never fear! Here are five tips to guide you through creating the perfect signature cocktail for your event:

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE: Don’t choose a recipe with more than six ingredients. The flavors can get muddled and your signature cocktail loses its personality.
  2. MAKE SURE YOUR LIQUOR IS THE STAR: For example, start with something basic, like a mule, then add a little flair with your favorite flavors or mixers. Pick something that is easy to modify and simple to make.
  3. CHOOSE SOMETHING SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE: For a light and airy spring event think of refreshing cocktails that include bright citrus and fresh fruits or herbs. In the winter you may want to do something with a strong warming liquor like Bourbon, such as a twist on the classic Old Fashioned.
  4. CHOOSE SOMETHING VISUALLY APPEALING: Ombre is an event decor trend that is just as beautiful in a drink like a blackberry ombre sparkler. This is made with a blackberry simple syrup topped with champagne or prosecco and garnished with a sprig of rosemary and fresh blackberries.

YOU: If your favorite memory with your husband-to-be was a breakfast on the beach in Mexico or a shared appreciation for tequila, choose something like a paloma or a special margarita!

Starting with these five simple tips you can craft the perfect signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy and to make your event memorable! For more advice and help planning your next event, contact Evoke.