by Courtney Walker-Pope

“Home is where the tech is” has never been more accurate! For the clients who have built with G&G Custom Homes over the past several years, they have been able to spend their recent days with powerful WI-FI, video conferencing, outdoor landscape audio and a media room to catch up on the latest Netflix series.

Building a custom home is a smart move. Adding smart home technology only adds to the functionality and performance of your space. It’s possible to control your home remotely and utilize a host of features designed to enhance your life, and this is what the partnership of G&G Custom Homes and TRI Phase Technologies give you.

A few of these desirable smart home technology features are further explained with Sean Bartram, a Design Specialist at TRI Phase Technologies. “Joe, with G&G, does an excellent job incorporating a technology budget for his custom home build clients. I meet with every client and go over a list of needs and goals, and then provide annotated prints and options that meet those desires,” said Bartram. “We are also cautious not to disrupt the interior and exterior design features of a home with technology. Some of our favorite discrete options will be included in G&G’s 2020 Home-A-Rama home like the Leon EDGE media frame and a powerful outdoor landscape audio system.”

The Leon EDGE media frame is an entirely custom TV frame. It includes a high-quality sound bar, a 6” deep wooden frame that hides all cords and can be customized to any finish the client or interior designer desires. This includes wallcovering, wood types, and custom paint – the possibilities are endless and the finished look is seamless with the home design.

Outdoor time while social distancing has been important for mental health in the past few weeks. It’s human nature to desire and thrive from the light of sun and breath of fresh air. TRI Phase recognized this need for uninterrupted audio in an outdoor living space and incorporated a beautiful outdoor landscape audio plan for the upcoming G&G Home-A-Rama house. “The home design plans for eight speakers and two subwoofers in the back of the home and four speakers and one subwoofer in the front. It’s important to have complete surround, even sound, without any soft spots. Our design and installation will provide audio that fills the yard,” said Bartram.

To connect with or learn more about building with G&G Custom Homes, visit their site at or call 317-418-7665. For more information about smart technology in your home, contact Sean Bartram with TRI Phase Technologies at 317-845-0236.