by Angela Jackson | photos Angela Jackson

Kitchens are where our stories are shared, laughter is spread, and delicious food prepared. For many people the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family and friends are always made to feel welcome.

The Pratt family wanted a kitchen that was visually stunning, yet maintained that welcoming, heart of the home feel. With the help of Stone Artisans, the Pratt’s combined multiple textures with clean lines and colors that made for an impactful and complementary design that still feels warm and inviting.

The true appeal of this kitchen is in the continuity of colors, layered textures, and materials that finish the space with seamless design. The warm, woodsy tones in the beams and wood-paneled hutch fridge area, combined with the cool colors of the cabinets, neutral hues of the quartzite and kitchen accents, and a touch of iron from lighting fixtures and bar stools create a marriage of contemporary concept and old-world charm.

The Pratts also chose quartzite with a suede finish for the countertops. This slight texture of suede not only enhances the warmth of the space but its functionality as well. Stone Artisans recommends a suede or honed finish for quartzite and marble in kitchens. A matte finish on these surfaces is easier to maintain, keeping your countertop looking amazing for years.

To lend a minimalistic appearance to the Pratt kitchen, Stone Artisans added a full-height backsplash, made from the same materials as the countertops. The look creates more fluidity throughout the room. Custom fabricated and installed quartzite shelves were also added in the prep bar area complete with inlaid under-shelf lighting to accent and highlight the stone and decor.

Elements like the balance of warm and cool tones, the slab backsplash, and layers of texture are key ingredients for contemporary and transitional kitchens – balancing modern form with traditional materials while adding timeless flair. The result for the Pratt family is a kitchen where everyone feels at home, in a room designed be the heart of the home and family.

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