by Matt Keating

As electric cars become increasingly more popular, home electric car charging stations become not just a convenience but a necessity. David Burtner of Burtner Electric, Inc., says proper installation of electric car chargers is essential for safety and keeping your home up to code.

“People spend a good deal of money on their vehicle, and they should go the extra step and install a charging station at home for their convenience,” Burtner says.

“When people purchase electric vehicles, they often think that they will just re-charge them at the shopping centers, or at their place of employment,” Burtner continues. “We can install your outlet in your garage for convenient overnight charging. This is especially the case with recent events that are causing people to stay home more and primarily work from home.”

Burtner notes that this type of outlet should not be done by a handyman or homeowner.

Having a professional do your car-charger installations will also ensure that the work is done safely and correctly. Certified and licensed electricians at Burtner Electric will wire your charger according to code. A faulty homemade wiring job can be costly or deadly. Homeowners or handymen could cause a fire or other electrical problems in other parts of a home if it is not done right.

Burtner noted that certified and licensed electricians also take necessary precautions and are up to date on current standards. If someone doesn’t meet code requirements with their own homemade wiring, they could also fail to pass a future home or electrical inspection.

Plug- in electrical vehicles (PEV) also require different power chargers, according to Burtner. A residential PEV charger can run off 120-volt or 240-volt power, based on the styles of the chargers. “That’s why it’s so important to have a professional do your PEV installation,” Burtner says. “It’s also so much more convenient to charge your car at home.”

If you are considering or have recently purchased an electric vehicle, contact Burtner Electric at 317-773-7663 or visit to install an electric car charger station in your home.