by Courtney Walker-Pope

Given the climate of this year to-date, some families and residences might have begun the conversation of additional space for their family! Room additions and small exterior structures may be just one of Custom Concrete’s many specialties, but it’s also one of their favorites! “We like being able to say ‘Yes’ to our client’s needs and this is one of our divisions catering specifically to room additions, pergolas, back porches and retaining walls,” explained Jason Ells, Senior Vice President of Custom Concrete.

Smaller scale, residential projects usually means tying into an already existing structure. Lead Superintendent Jake Koepsky explains why his crew is up for the challenge, “I love that we are able to adapt to every situation. Working with the original home can be tricky, but we have the expertise, knowledge and training to do such!”

On an even more personal level, when it comes to work on an established property, a construction crew becomes your family for a few weeks! A customer might be present for a majority of Custom Concrete’s work and that can mean your kids are playing in the yard, you are cooking dinner, or maybe coming home from work to see the daily progress. It is important to hire the right company to integrate into your everyday living. With Custom Concrete’s overall professionalism, 50-year experience backing, and local support to many non-profit initiatives, they are the company you’d truly consider ‘family’!

If your family or business is need of a small concrete job, consider local Custom Concrete for your foundation needs. Contact them at 317-896-2885 or visit their website