Window treatments can complement the décor of space, they can contribute to a light and airy atmosphere, or add drama to a bold aesthetic. However, the wrong window treatment could make your spaces feel cramped, clash with your homes style, or worse, look like an unfinished afterthought. Don’t fall victim to these common window treatment mistakes!

MISTAKE #1 PUTTING THE SAME TREATMENTS IN EVERY ROOM Each room in your home has different lighting, privacy, and design needs. A one-sizefits-all approach will leave you frustrated and disappointed. Consider the needs of each room and choose your window treatments accordingly. For example, you may decide on blackout treatments for the bedrooms, privacy treatments for the bathrooms, beautiful non-functional drapes for the dining room, motorized shades for your two-story window, and economical blinds in the garage.

MISTAKE #2 SACRIFICING DESIGN FOR FUNCTIONALITY OR VICE VERSA Don’t choose between design or function when you can have both! The right products can be both beautiful and functional. There are gorgeous options that can provide privacy without blocking views. There are stunning shades that beautifully diffuse light without making a room too dark. Don’t assume that you must sacrifice your views, privacy, or light control to get the look you want. With the right products in the right applications, you can have it all!

MISTAKE #3 NOT CONSIDERING STREET VIEWS Yes, your window treatments should look great inside your home, but don’t forget about how they look from the street, too! Think about how your windows will appear from the outside when the window treatments are closed. If possible, coordinate the color of your exterior window frame trim to the color of your blinds or lining of your shades and drapes.

MISTAKE #4 WAITING TOO LATE IN THE HOMEBUILDING PROCESS TO PRE-WIRE OR RECESS TREATMENTS Window treatments should be on your mind the first time you view your blueprints, particularly if you want to motorize or recess your window treatments. Pre-wiring allows you to forgo retrofitted wires and bulkier battery packs, allowing for a low-profile installation. Recessing allows window treatments to virtually disappear into the trim when they are not in use. The build process is your one and only chance to ensure power supplies are located in the right locations and pocket sizes are correct for recessed treatments.

MISTAKE #5 ASSUMING WINDOW TREATMENTS CAN’T BE MODERN OR MINIMALISTIC Many people incorrectly believe you need to avoid window treatments to obtain a minimalist look. When you skip window treatments, you miss out on the many benefits they offer like privacy and light control. Don’t live in a fishbowl! Instead, choose modern shades with minimalistic features that diffuse light and provide privacy.

Are you ready to get started on your project? Request a complimentary design consultation and a Drapery Street designer will guide you to the perfect window treatments for your home!