Your home isn’t a home until it’s full of friends and family, but that has not been happening recently because you just don’t have the space to fit all your favorite people in it and keep them social distancing… but don’t fret! You don’t have to have a mansion to make the best use of your space! With a little preparation, you can have an event that’s big even when it’s small. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

LIGHTEN UP: A well-lit space – artificial or natural – will always look larger. Transfer out heavy draperies and use sheer curtains on your windows. Add lamps and swap out harsh lighting for bulbs with soft, light hues. Store dark color throw pillows and bring out small, light or cool-colored shams that make the room feel airy.

DECLUTTER. TIMES 10: Stash, stash, stash! Store unused kitchen appliances in closets or bedrooms and keep remotes, magazines, games and books in a space that will be unused during the party. Removing these items, even for a short while, will make your room feel bigger.

USE OUTDOOR SPACE: If you can take advantage of good weather and you have even a little bit of outdoor space, use it! Extend the party to use these areas for socializing or for beverages. Decorate the outdoors in the same theme to stay cohesive.

STRATEGICALLY FEED A CROWD: If you’ve got more people than table space, get creative about your food placement. Serve hors d’oeuvres in settings around the party space to give guests a chance to mingle while they eat. Rent a dining table with larger leaves than you have at home to extend your dinner tablespace.

Experiment with different furniture arrangements or move a cumbersome set of accent chairs to another room. A posh party or event with family and friends is completely possible with a little experimentation and creativity. Visit Evoke on Facebook or give them a call for more ideas on party planning at home!