by Courtney Walker-Pope and HAOI Blog

Local professional home services group, Home Artisans of Indiana, has cultivated a program of key topics at bi-weekly meetings to engage and educate their members. It is common to have a guest speaker leading the discussion, but other weeks it is a collective of ideas, brainstorming and support between the members. Productivity is a highly discussed topic and HAOI is sharing their tools for gaining more time in your business and life!

  1. Time is a person’s greatest asset, so start each morning with a to-do list and prioritize from what needs to get done versus what feels good to get done. Can you delegate any tasks to a team member? Can you knock a couple off to gain momentum for more daunting tasks?
  2. Keep Parkinson’s Law in mind. This is the theory “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”
  3. Before instantly committing to anything, consider the benefit. Do you really need to do it? Will it divert time, energy, and resources to activities that are not mission-critical in some way?
  4. Consider joining Home Artisans of Indiana to work on your business rather than just in it! Longtime member, Christina Garten of Christina’s Complete Clean finds tremendous value in the opportunity to “strategize with others and gain insight on how other home improvement companies operate.”

For more tips and insight to productivity and other business-related topics, visit or request an invitation to attend a Home Artisans bi-weekly meeting and experience it for yourself!