by Matt Keating

Homesense Heating and Cooling is built around putting the customer at the center of everything. With that in mind, they’ve invested in building a team who believes in refreshingly different customer service.

“We learned very quickly that HVAC is a customer experience business,” said Homesense co-founder Brian Schutt. “Therefore, the most important element for happy customers is happy team members.”

With that in mind and pulling from Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why,” Homesense recruit’s technicians who “believe what they believe” as it relates to ethics, integrity, and a heart for service.

The outcome has been a low employee turnover rate and creative benefits like a sabbatical program for any employee who reaches 5 years of service or beyond.

“The sabbatical gave me time to reflect on a lot of things,” said technical supervisor Darren Noel. “I realize not too many companies offer a benefit like that, and I definitely bring that appreciation to the customer experience.”

Noel is not alone in his approach. In fact, Homesense technician’s average over a 9.5/10 Net Promoter Score from customer survey respondents.

“We believe when there is alignment around the WHY of values and the HOW of service, ultimately it’s our clients who win,” said Schutt.

Whether you’re interacting with one of the great technicians or one of the office team like General Manager Brady Wilson or Customer Experience Manager Jason Myer, you are working with someone driven by a higher purpose.

“We believe that timely technical proficiency is now just the entry point of a great customer experience,” said Wilson. “Homeowners are expecting companies to go beyond those basics, and when they seek out more, we think they will find Homesense.”

Homesense replaces, repairs and maintains heating and air conditioning equipment for homeowners across central Indiana, visit their website or call 317-868-1038 to learn more about their refreshingly different approach or to book a free estimate.