by Christy Heitger-Ewing

There’s no question that the past few months have brought waves of confusion and uncertainty to our lives. Some things, however, remain unchanged.

“One thing is sure. Our dogs are still doing their business,” says Will Rice, sales associate of Poop Busters Indy, a locally owned lawncare service based in Carmel that specializes in pet waste removal.

At 16, Kieran Thomas, owner of Poop Busters Indy, began working for a pet waste removal business before launching his own company with the help of his friend Rice. Their motto is, “They poop it, we scoop it.”

This fall Rice and Thomas, both 2020 graduates of Carmel High School, are pursuing business degrees at Indiana University and University of Southern California, respectively. But this summer, they are eager to let homeowners and homeowner’s associations know that if you’re tired of dodging doggy bombs in your yard, they are here to help.

“We are always prepared to remove any and all pet waste and provide our clients a clean and pristine lawn,” says Rice. “It takes more than a good attitude to get the job done, and Poop Busters is more than willing to search for and remove all doggy droppings in your yard or neighborhood common areas.”

The built-up concentration of pet waste is not only unappealing as no one wants to see, smell or step in it, but according to Thomas, it can attract insects and damage the subsoil chemical balance of one’s lawn.

If you’re looking for professional and reliable pet waste removal, call Poop Busters Indy today. For more information, visit, email or call 317.689.8527 for a free quote.