Sigma Builders: Only the Best: Sigma Builders Partners with McComb Pella to Build Superior Custom Homes

Sigma Builders Only the Best: Sigma Builders Partners with McComb Pella to Build Superior Custom Homes

by Christy Heitger-Ewing

It’s been an exciting year for Sigma Builders. An exciting several years actually. Not only did Home Builder Digest name Sigma Builders “Best Contemporary Build in the State” but the company has also been named “#1 Custom Home Builder in the State” for the past four years running. This is due, in part, to the fact that they work closely with trusted vendors like McComb Pella Windows & Doors.

Nearly four years ago, Dave Berman, with his partners Peter and Kimberley Wang created Sigma Builders, locally owned and operated out of Carmel.

“We had a vision to change the custom home building experience,” states Berman, a Hoosier native who has worked in home building and development sector in Indianapolis nearly his entire career. “Coming from that world, I saw an opportunity to improve the platform.”

Their objective was to leverage technology and bring speed and efficiency to the homeowner while never jeopardizing quality to their custom home building experience. They have done so by assembling a dedicated staff of 15 associates who all focus on complete customer satisfaction. This includes Stephanie Wiott, Sigma Builder’s Interior Designer and Owner of Cupboard Design Group.

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Sigma Builders: Only the Best: Sigma Builders Partners with McComb Pella to Build Superior Custom Homes

The Sigma team utilizes 3D software to virtually show their clients the final result of their home. (Incidentally, they create plans and designs without a required deposit.) Then throughout the build process, Sigma Builders coordinates all construction elements, schedule, and trades through an integrated online system, giving homeowners access to that file.

“It’s an interactive real time process,” says Berman. “It’s not a watered-down experience. It really gives homeowners the ability to virtually see, touch and feel their home in a whole new way.” “Through these interactive design sessions, the homeowner can see, design and price their home in days or weeks vs months and months.”

Another aspect that sets Sigma Builders apart is that they have their own realty company, which enables them to capture market data and use that data as a guiding light. That means that as clients are going through the design process, they have a better understanding of what features to include (e.g., a 4-car garage, four bathrooms vs. five) that align with the market.

Sigma Builder’s relationship with McComb Pella Windows & Doors has been longstanding due to Pella’s exceptional products and top-notch team.

“Pella has a wonderful name in the industry, and everyone we talk to, from the sales rep to the service guy to delivery people, are always outstanding,” says Doug Kelly, VP of Sales & Marketing at Sigma Builders. Kelly notes that whenever Pella provides a quote for a project, they look at it from a homeowner’s perspective, providing recommendations for how to improve upon certain rooms or views.

“They might say, ‘Hey, we have this new product that will fit beautifully in this area over here,’” explains Kelly. “Pella is a great partner when we are building because their goal is to make the home even better than what we would envision.”

Sigma Builders: Only the Best: Sigma Builders Partners with McComb Pella to Build Superior Custom Homes

Berman adds, “They are so interactive with us, optimizing windows and pricing to make sure we are creating the best value for the customer.”

Currently, Sigma Builders is building a magnificent 8,000-sq. ft. home with modern Tudor architecture that will be part of the 2020 Fall Home-A-Rama homes in Holliday Farms.

“We pulled out all the stops with this 6-bedroom home,” states Berman.

It includes a party room above the 4-car garage, a bourbon room with a two-sided fireplace and a balcony that overlooks the courtyard with spectacular golf course views. The home features four kitchens – one downstairs, one on the main floor, one in the party room, and one outside. Topping off the luxury are incredible landscapes and hardscapes because the outdoor living component was a huge focal point in the design of this home. They installed a Smart Pergola over the 250-sq. ft. party deck which has electronic louvers that can be opened or closed the roof with the push of a button.

“When you look at the home, all you see is windows, and that’s intentional,” says Berman. “We spent a lot of time making sure that the outdoor living blended harmoniously with the indoor architecture, and flawless windows are a huge part of making that possible.”

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