2020 has always had a good ring to it and many of us welcomed it with eagerness and fresh visions for our lives. A new year and a new decade bring a new perspective to life as did the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our daily schedules.

As we all “hunkered down,” our lives changed dramatically.

With work and school taking over our homes, it is important to carve out space for other day to day tasks. We need an area to enjoy a family favorite recipe and to share this special “stay at home” time. The dining room table or kitchen island may have laptops, books, file folders, and office supplies scattered about but it still needs to serve its intended purpose as a place where our families and friends can gather. Many of us have started to look for ways to organize these areas so life can retain some normalcy. We want to maintain the feel of our homes as inviting, comfortable and as peaceful as possible.

Recently, the Jackson family, located in Nashville, Indiana reached out to the team at Stone Artisans. They were looking to expand their kitchen and update the countertops. The kitchen and living space were divided with a half wall and a small opening that blocked the living area from the kitchen. The design staff at Stone Artisans was quick to provide a creative solution.

“The existing opening was narrow and was barely wide enough for a coffee cup. The installation crew cut the existing logs down to a comfortable height, added invisible supports, and finished it off with a beautiful granite countertop. This was exactly what the space needed. It was a very cost effective approach versus remodeling the entire kitchen,” said homeowner Angie Jackson. “The chisel edge profile on the countertop is a wonderful complement to our log cabin.” The rest of the kitchen countertops were also replaced with the same granite and an undercounter sink was also installed.

“We love our new eat in bar and kitchen! The granite slabs the Stone Artisans helped us choose for our kitchen allowed us to maintain a rustic, yet clean look for our cabin,” said Jackson. “We were concerned that adding granite would be too busy for the rest of the wood in the home, so the suggestion of using a matte charcoal granite with a leathered texture was the perfect complement to the area.”

Jackson also said about her experience working with Stone Artisans, “We are so thankful to have the perfect bar now and countertops that look remarkable as well. The Stone Artisan team was an absolute dream to work with, they made us feel comfortable with our decisions and helped us achieve the look we had hoped for in our kitchen.”

Complete your 2020 vision for your remodel, new kitchen, or new bath with beautiful granite from Stone Artisans. Call 317-874-8955 or visit stoneartisans.com for stone solutions to suit your home.