by Courtney Walker-Pope | photos courtesy Virginia Tile

It’s interesting to follow interior design trends sweeping the nation and now, in the Midwest, we are looking at color! ACo is well equipped to help you love where you live providing desirable colors and unique patterns in their new showroom inside Hub & Spoke in Fishers. ACo Designer Mia Farrell and home remodeling, tileVirginia Tile Sales Representative Cody Burgess walk us through ACo’s feature walls displaying Virginia Tile and Terra Bella, both readily available for your next project!

“Virginia Tile is a 92-year-old company, founded in Virginia. Since the 1920’s depression, the company moved to Detroit, purchased two other companies and we are now proudly the largest tile distributor in the United States,” explains Burgess. “What’s great about the Virginia Tile wall at ACo is that it allows a homeowner to decide their color palette and what they hope to achieve. From there, we can look at the back of each tile with a QR code to understand the other parts and pieces, as well as find color coordinating tiles.”

Farrell says, “It definitely does simplify the process! We have homeowners come in all the time requesting a specific color and we start with this Virginia Tile wall to narrow in.” The QR code even shares full installation pictures so a homeowner can visualize how it might look in their own home.

“There is section of the wall that is all porcelain, so the tile can be used inside or out. With many families desiring more time outdoors, this is a great material to consider,” says Burgess.

home remodeling, tileAnother unique tile collection on display at ACo is Terra Bella – a female owned and operated company. “The company owner was renovating her own home and decided there weren’t enough unique marble options available. She traveled abroad and found some of the most beautiful marbles to bring back to the United States, creating unique, yet timeless tile designs,” says Farrell. “Some of the geometric styles have so much character, combining metal accents and softer marble. It’s gorgeous as a backsplash because it can play off the metal of plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware. You can actually see this in action in the shared kitchen at Hub & Spoke!”

More than fifty percent of the Virginia Tile wall at ACo is fabricated in the United States making it readily available to ship for your next project. The designers at ACo would love to show you around their brand-new design studio at Hub & Spoke located off 106th street in Fishers. To schedule a consultation or tour, contact the showroom at 317-575-9540 or for more information visit