by Christy Heitger-Ewing

From the smallest room addition to the largest industrial building, the seasoned experts at Custom Concrete are skilled at installing every kind of foundation. This 1,800 square foot single-family home built in southern Indiana is an example of their excellent work.

concrete foundations“This lot had an extreme terrain, so navigating and forming the 200 ft. of 24″x12″ footings, installed on limestone rock, was difficult,” says Jason Ells, Senior Vice President of Custom Concrete. With the use of their computer-aided design (CAD) program and Total Station layout tools, they were able to install the footings with precision.

Since the property overlooks a beautiful lake, the owners wanted to take full advantage of the scenic landscape by building a four-season room on the back.

“With an abundance of topographical fall, we were able to install a walk-out basement to complement both the lot’s terrain and view,” states Ells. Due to the severe fall of the grade toward the lake, they had to build a 20-ft. wall.

With all their projects, they start by shooting the elevations of the lot so they can construct the most accurate proposal possible.

“This also allows us to create 3-D CAD drawings so that our production teams can be best prepared to tackle the job,” says Ells. “The 3-D drawings also helpconcrete foundations us explain to our customer what the finished product will look like.” This includes the grade, wall heights, grade downs, windows, and more.

“Our layout crews use the coordinates from our CAD drawings to lay out each corner of the project for excavation, footings and walls to ensure that everything is accurately installed,” says Ells. They use the same technology to check for accuracy post-pour and to create their “as-built” prints for billing.

“We love what we do and are honored to get the chance to work on these gorgeous homes,” says Ells.

Whether you want to build your dream home on a hill overlooking a lake, or on the rolling slopes of Indiana countryside, Custom Concrete is up to the challenges of building a stable foundation, visit to connect.