by Matt Keating

Utilizing technology and dedicated spaces for learning or working in a home has never been more critical than it is today. Homeowners are looking for constructive ways to enhance and improve their child’s room, family study area, or home office with custom audio or visual design that is both efficient and useful.

Ray Rice, Owner of Digital Sight & Sound, said, “The technology in your home goes far beyond just a stable internet. From noise-cancelling headphones to proper webcam and blue-light blocking glasses, the list is getting longer for what homeowners need to have in order to create an appropriate work or learning environment.”

With more students expected to learn from home this year, here are a few tips to ensure your child’s success.

+ Noise Cancelling Headphones. The noise-cancelling headphones are essential for students that have younger siblings in the house, or parents are also working at home, as the slightest distraction can impact schoolwork.

+ Dedicated Space for Learning. Having a dedicated space for each student/child will help them focus on the task and eliminate distractions. Decorate their work area to showcase your child’s own personality to ensure they feel comfortable studying outside the classroom.

+ A Good Webcam. A separate, high-quality webcam can help students when teachers take class attendance during Zoom meetings. Webcams also enable students to be able to talk face to face with their teachers if they are having trouble with an assignment.

+ Blue-Light Blocking Glasses. The blue-light reading glasses help kids who have been staring at their screens all day. Students go back and forth all day from their Chrome books to their smartphones, computer screens, and televisions. Blue-light blocking glasses help alleviate eye strain associated with extended screen time.

“You also need a (computer) monitor that is large enough to have two working windows up, one for instruction – one for the work they are doing, and a well-organized work area for e-learning only,” Rice recommends.

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