Inevitably there are areas of our homes that are extremely challenging to decorate. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to add depth with cozy accents, chairs, side tables, and mirrors that can elevate your space from an awkward spot to a beautiful vignette in your home.

  1. SMALL ENTRYWAYS & CORNERS – It seems every home has a corner or landing space that feels impossible to decorate but too bland when left without attention. While your entryway might be small, there are plenty of ways to style it up with a few coat hooks and a bench, a chair with a side table, or an elegantly placed mirror above a console table. Creating a small but attractive landing zone adds convenience whether you are coming or going
  2. TALL WINDOWS – They might provide amazing light, but tall windows can be obstacles while decorating. Strategically place a potted plant shelf between windows or look for benches that are calf-length and soften the look with plush pillows. It is a perfect place for a cozy reading or daydreaming spot!
  3. SMALL KITCHEN WALL OR COUNTERS – One word: Shelves! Areas between and above cabinetry are perfect for stacks and stacks of shelving. Stow cookbooks, wine, collectibles, or dishware that can be easily accessed, but have a modern, welcoming design.
  4. BUILT-INS? NO PROBLEM! – The craftsman work of a good built-in cannot be understated, but the blank space it can leave can make a home feel unfinished. Spaces like this are prime areas for reading chairs; if you have a window between two built-ins, complete the area with bench seating that ties the two shelving units together.
  5. DIAGONAL WALL – Many small kitchens and foyers often have odd diagonal walls that make it hard to decorate. Like corners, think about tall mirrors or diverse artwork that can make a blank wall feel beautiful.
  6. SHALLOW MANTELS – Place family photos or artwork in ultra-thin frames to add to your mantel, or add a wide shelf directly above the mantel that can create the look of a thicker fireplace that will offer more robust decor options. Mirrors are also useful here to increase the appearance of space in your room.