by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Typically, a garage door will let you know when its season has passed. It’s either an eyesore, having sustained dents, scratches, or fading, or it’s making an irritating grinding sound each time it opens and closes. Keeping efficiency in mind when you choose a new garage door can add great value.

garage door

Thankfully, these days options are plentiful. Homeowners can choose from non-insulated to super-insulated polyurethane foam doors with R-values as high as 20. (A higher R-value means you’ll have a warmer garage in the winter and cooler garage in the summer.)

“In short, you can greatly improve the efficiency in your home,” explains Joel Belyew, President of Precision Door Service of Indianapolis. Before making a purchase, homeowners should consider the layout of the home. For instance, if you have two interior walls that meet the garage or a living space above the garage, it’s wise to install an insulated door. Plus, some homeowners have water lines, water softeners, water heaters, or furnaces located in their garage.

“When these important mechanical parts of your home are located in your garage, they’re vulnerable to extreme temperatures,” says Belyew. “Not only aregarage door you going to protect them a lot better with a more controlled temperature, but you’re also going to make them run a lot more efficiently.”

If a homeowner has a non-insulated garage door and their garage is 40 degrees, the water heater is going to struggle to do its job.

“In a situation like that, a well-insulated door will pay for itself,” says Belyew, noting that it helps to insulate the walls of the garage, too. “You can install an insulated door and if your walls aren’t insulated, you’re not going to accomplish a lot.”

In addition to energy efficiency, replacing an old or outdated garage door will improve the value of your home.

“If you pull up to a house and the garage door is in terrible shape, that makes a bad first impression,” says Belyew. “Installing a new door design that complements your house greatly improves curb appeal, thereby increasing the value of the home.”

Learn more about your options for a more efficient garage door, call Precision Door Service of Indianapolis to schedule a consultation.