COVID-19 has changed the way we communicate and interact. Every member has their own personal preferences, and based upon which county you do business in, perhaps there are different restrictions in place as well. Regardless, BAGI is still here for you, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your membership. Take a moment to consider a stoplight and its corresponding colors. BAGI wants to understand how you are feeling right now so we can help you get plugged in and engaged in the ways you are most comfortable.


RED. I am following not only the CDC guidelines, but I am taking extra steps to distance myself from any kind of in-person, public activity currently. I am sticking to phone calls and virtual interactions right now.

YELLOW. I am cautious right now and am following CDC guidelines. I am still going about everyday business but am being safe in doing so. I go to public events but am cautious about when I choose to go out. And, I always have a mask and hand sanitizer with me.

GREEN. I am comfortable interacting and continuing on business as usual. I have no reservations about in-person activities.


The good news is that RED doesn’t have to mean you “stop” engaging with BAGI. If you find yourself more comfortable operating in red at this time, BAGI is still offering several opportunities for you to interact with fellow members including:

  • Virtual Networking
  • BAGI Intranet
  • Virtual Impact Team Meetings

If you find yourself most comfortable in YELLOW, BAGI offers:

  • In-Person or Virtual Networking
  • In-Person or Virtual Impact Team Meetings
  • In Person Builder Bash
  • In-Person Events like Golf Outings
  • BAGI Intranet

If you find yourself in GREEN, BAGI offers:

  • In-Person Networking
  • In-Person Impact Team Meetings
  • In-Person Builder Bash
  • In-Person Events like Golf Outings
  • BAGI Intranet

Whether you’re looking for in-person or virtual opportunities, you are only a click away from finding what you need through BAGI’s new Intranet. Log in at and see what’s coming up next. We’ve never been more connected as an organization!

Most importantly, if you have a suggestion, or want to talk with anyone at BAGI further, we are only a call or email away. We are here for you and want to help you make the most of your membership!