by Matt Keating

Many people are already anticipating getting their homes ready for the holidays, or just planning ahead to get their homes more organized for everyday living. This means coming up with a productive plan to maximize closet space.

According to Erin Moore, an executive designer for California Closets in Carmel, she has observed a trend of clients really focusing on the closets that are a part of their daily lives. From master closets to pantries, coat closets and even garages, these spaces help us run our households, so you want them to be functional and well planned for ease of access.

“With all of the additional time spent at home, I think that everyone is really analyzing their spaces and items,” Moore says. “People are realizing that there are things that could be done to improve their spaces.”

As organizing has continued to gain a great deal of popularity (more so than ever before) during the past six months or so, many people are making room for more closet space, especially during a home renovation. Maybe you have a large front entryway, but store coats in a mudroom by the garage. Consider adding a coat closet near the front door for added storage and convenience. Your holiday guests will appreciate the easy access when they are coming or going.

If you don’t have the extra room for adding closet space, then you will want to maximize the space you do have.

“I think that taking advantage of any space that you can is really important if you are going to make the investment,” Moore said. “Make sure that the space you are designing for your new closet is a large enough size for your needs, a space that can be utilized fully. Things to do to help achieve this would be less obstructions in the space, or even doing pocket doors to eliminate the heaviness of a door swinging into a space.”

Making sure that everything has a place in the most convenient location for your daily routines is also an important consideration. In the master suite, you probably store most clothing in a closet but may keep some items in storage in your bedroom or possibly the bathroom. This can be a hassle when you need to find something or put it away. With a scattered system, your things can end up all over the place.

Moore has a solution for this. “Another thing to think about is drawer space and allocating a place for it – folks are really starting to eliminate dressers in the bedroom and incorporating these into the closet design,” she says.

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