by Courtney Walker Pope

Colder weather is quickly approaching as we move through fall into the winter, and with those colder temperatures comes concern for your homes heating efficiency. There’s no better time than now to invest in weather-proofing your home by upgrading with a new garage door.

Your local, well experienced, and highly professional garage door company, Precision Door, has been in the industry for over 15 years helping thousands of homeowners improve their home efficiency. Precision owner, Joel Belyew, explains the importance of considering installing a more advanced garage door before colder temperatures and inclement weather arrives.

“The garage and garage door are significant portions of the exterior of many homes and sadly, numerous homes in our area have garage doors with little to no insulation. By updating your garage door, the efficiency in your home can improve dramatically!”

The change can be exponential for homeowners, both from a cost and energy-efficiency perspective. “If you have living space above your garage or store home appliances such as a furnace, water heater or water softener in the garage, a well-insulated door will save costly repair bills in addition to significant savings in monthly utility expenses,” shares Belyew.

If you are looking for a local, reliable resource for your garage door upgrade, connect with Precision Indy! As winter approaches, consider a more well-insulated garage door and call (317) 844-4849 or visit their website to schedule your free estimate.