Creating a Stunning Staircase

The staircase is often the first thing people see when entering a home, and these days many homeowners want it to be a stunning focal point. However, many staircases were designed with only function in mind and homeowners may not know where to start with a design update.

One of the easiest ways to update a staircase is by replacing the flooring on the stairs, known as the treads. With so many different options available, here are a few of our favorite stair tread trends.


Simple and cost-effective, update a tired-looking staircase by replacing old, worn carpet with a new style, pattern, or color. We recommend upgrading to a good quality pad – it typically helps with the longevity of the carpet.


Stair runners are essentially long rugs installed in the center or walkway of the stairs. A runner sits atop finished stairs with exposed stained wood on either side creating a nice border, as well as an added layer of design to the structure. Additionally, exposed hard surface treads can be slick for kids and pets. A decorative runner is both attractive and safer for your family.

Runners are usually decorative with patterned or textured carpet. Modern Farmhouse design is seeing an increase in striped stair runners, and this is a great way to make a statement with your home’s decor.


Solid treads that flow with the floors on the main level of your home create a sophisticated and upscale look, though it typically comes at a higher cost. The stair structure under existing wall-to-wall carpet is not usually meant to be finished, so it will need to be replaced with solid treads and risers.

Matching the flooring you have throughout your main floor creates a cohesive look, while going for a darker or lighter stain can have a more dramatic effect.


Two-toned stairs have two colors – one color on the treads (horizontal portion of the stairs) and one color on the risers (vertical section between the treads) and can add more color, detail, and contrast to a staircase. The most common two-toned stairs are white risers with stair treads to match adjacent hard surfaces. That said, no one said you cannot have a little of fun and put any color you want on the stair treads or the risers. Just think of the possibilities.


For an even more stunning change, consider a complete overhaul of your staircase design with floating stairs. Combine a steel structure with floating hardwood treads for a great warm, yet modern, look, or keep things more rustic with an all-wood design.

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