by Matt Keating

If you find yourself working at home more than ever, why not get all your electrical work done while you work?

Jodi Burtner, with Burtner Electric, said, “You don’t need to take a half day off anymore to get your electrical work done. People are spending more time at home these days, and they are seeing more things they need to change around the house. This is a good time to add more lights or outlets to your home office or other rooms.”

Burtner recommends keeping your office light indirect, and not working under a direct glare of overhead lights.

“You really want to illuminate the entire home office and have a light source behind you so you can work more effectively,” Burtner says. “Having great lighting can improve your productivity, while bad lighting can hurt your eyes, lower your energy and give you a headache.”

Burtner noted that a lot of home offices have ambient lighting that effectively lights up an entire space. Adding task lighting can help create focus for specific workstations.

“Task lights need to be brighter than the ambient lighting to reduce eye strain, especially in the early morning or early evening,” Burtner says. “Getting electrical work done in your home office can give you a nice place to work while your spouse is working in another room, or the kids are e-learning in their rooms, the kitchen, or the living room. You can update your lighting plan in those rooms as well to give everyone in the family a nice place to work.”

Accent lighting can brighten a home office more efficiently according to Burtner, and also add ambiance or visual appeal. It can help to highlight a photo gallery wall or art work, or highlight the architectural details of a fireplace mantle or built-in cabinetry.

“On a Zoom call, you might want to show off your office background in the absolute best light possible,” says Burtner. “Smart lighting choices can add some personality and can also be more effective and affordable. Using LED lights can lower your electric bills.”

There are even more options for updating your lighting plan such as adding lighting panels which can be mounted to a wall. Some desk lamps with adjustable light panels can give you different levels of brightness as needed.

Take advantage of the time you spend working from home to get your electrical work and lighting plan updated, contact Burtner Electric at (317) 773-7663, or online at