by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Any successful company in the construction industry knows that grit is necessary for getting the job done day in and day out. For the people at Custom Concrete, from the onsite team completing work to the founders and company leaders, grit isn’t just another characteristic, it is who they are as a company and individuals.

Grit is in Custom Concrete’s DNA. It’s part of the fabric that’s woven into the company’s culture, starting all the way back to the founders and patriarchs. The things the team at Custom Concrete has done over the last 51 years to get the company to where it is today are unbelievable.

For instance, back in the day, before the availability of heavy equipment, workers had to spread gravel by hand. Though advances in equipment have come a long way, the intense work ethic remains the same. The Custom Concrete team uses grit to support one another on scorching hot days, stark blustery days, early mornings, late evenings, when days are insanely busy, and when life is just plain crazy due to a global pandemic.

“Grit is not uncommon in our industry,” says Jason Ells, Senior Vice President of Custom Conrete. “We’re so happy to partner with vendors, builders, customers, and contractors, all of whom demonstrate grit. This is important to us because we want to always get the job done and do it right.”

That’s why they celebrate their grit and determination as a tribute to those who came before them. Joe Carr, who started the company in 1969, was on his way to a job site once when the engine went out on his pickup truck. He had a colleague bring him another engine and he swapped it out on the side of the road so he could get to work. That’s grit.

Today that grit lives on through the team at Custom Concrete, who employ it daily. They stand behind their work and see every job through with that same fortitude and determination. Whether facing the foundational challenges of a house on a hill or pouring concrete for a new industrial complex on Indiana clay, grit gets the job done.

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