Intuitive designs, modern technology, and fresh new color palettes can all invigorate your home and make it a more comfortable place to be. The window treatment trends we’re most excited about in 2021 are the perfect way to add fresh style to your home.


Smart home technology has been around for a while now, but with each year it grows more user-friendly. With HunterDouglas Powerview Automation, you can incorporate window treatments into your smart home system with incredible results! Tell your blinds to raise and lower themselves and watch as they follow your directions or schedule them to open in the morning and wake up with natural sunlight.

Another exciting technology advancement for window treatments trending in 2021 is digital fabric printing. This technology provides the ability to create any design imaginable, in any color you want, through digital fabric printing! Create the drapes of your dreams or personalized pillows using the fabric, patterns, and Pantone colors you choose and make your home design truly one-of-a-kind.


Bridge the gap between inside and outside and create a comfortable enclosure with retractable outdoor shades. They can protect your outdoor living spaces from dirt and debris, wind, harsh sunlight, bugs, and nosy neighbors. In cooler seasons, they can help retain heat from outdoor fireplaces and heaters — meaning you can enjoy your porch or patio nearly year-round. When they’re not needed, place them in the raised position and they virtually disappear!


Minimalism is in vogue in every part of life, including window treatments, and we’re thrilled to see it! It’s a myth that minimalist home designs should do without window treatments altogether. Choose a window treatment option that complements your design such as roller and screen shades which are versatile and easy to incorporate into minimalist designs while giving you light filtering and privacy options.


Black window frames are a standout feature in new homes. They make a statement in any exterior or interior design. We love this bold new style that’s sure to stick around awhile. Complement those black window frames by using Fusion Shades which fuse together a dark exterior-facing fabric and a light interior-facing fabric, blending your styles seamlessly.


Grandmillenial takes a page out of your grandma’s design book, featuring floral patterns, bold colors, and elegant designs. It brings these ideas into the 2020’s with an infusion of color and creates charm and cheer in your interior.

This trending design aesthetic is all about coziness and vintage whimsy, something all of us could use a little bit of this year.

The Colors of 2021

If you had to pick a color to sum up this new year, what would you choose? The color connoisseurs at Pantone have a combination to offer with Ultimate Gray which creates a solid foundation while Illuminating is a soft-spoken yellow. Together, these colors create a sense of practicality and optimism that is the perfect mood for a new year.

Sherwin-Williams has another take on the year’s color with Urbane Bronze, a deeper gray-brown hue with an element of earthiness to it.

Benjamin Moore’s pick, Aegean Teal, is a gray shade with a calming hint of teal hidden within.

All of these colors are perfect for creating an atmospheric interior design that brings you peace and optimism this year. Consider custom drapes in these colors or custom shades in a complementing color.

Use the new year as an opportunity to create beautiful new looks in your home inspired by these window treatment trends. Make 2021 the year you stop dreaming and get started with a complimentary design consultation at Drapery Street.