by Suzanne Huntzinger

A warm breeze blows through your hair as you sit on your back patio, relaxing after a long day’s work. Your glass of wine awaits. The birds chirp, the kids and the dog run around in the backyard as you wind down. You can smell the steaks sizzling on the grill. You wake from your dream, look out the window and see the ground has barely thawed, and it’s a long way to go until summer.

It’s the perfect time to make that dream come true, and GreenImage Landscape & Design wants to make that happen for you. Founded by Dan Weingart, they’ve been making outdoor living and landscape dreams come true since 2009. After earning his degree in Horticulture from Purdue, Weingart moved to Florida and started working with a leading local landscape contractor. After a few years, he moved back to Indiana to be closer to family. It was then that he branched out on his own and turned his childhood passion and dream into a reality.

Weingart started the company as Green Leaf Landscape but changed it to GreenImage Landscape to avoid it being similar to that of a competing business. His first project was building a new patio and pergola. It wasn’t long before customers began asking if Dan and his crew could do other projects like lawn maintenance and cleanup.

Since then, Weingart and his team have grown the focus of the business to offer a broad range of services to ensure that families have an outdoor space they love. GreenImage Landscape still offers landscape design and construction, and all things outdoor living. They design and build patios, pergolas, fire pits, retaining walls and create lighting. As Weingart describes it, “We design, build and maintain top-notch outdoor living spaces.” GreenImage Landscape has expanded its lawn maintenance services too. They take outdoor chores off your hands like mowing, mulching, mosquito control, irrigation services, flower planting, seeding and sodding, leaf removal, and even snow removal.

It’s no accident that GreenImage Landscape is successfully doing projects for families. Weingart believes family defines his business. “Our company culture is based on family, and our core values are family, integrity and honesty. Our employees are loyal, and they’ve been with the team for years. They can work independently but they’re not afraid to hire newbies and train them up. We all treat each other like brothers and sisters,” Weingart says, “We want our people to come in to work with a positive attitude because when they’re happy, they work better.”

The happiness goes beyond the workplace. GreenImage lays the foundation for happiness by creating an outdoor masterpiece. But more than that, Weingart believes it’s also about bettering people’s lives. “Everything we do is a luxury project. We want to give families a space they can feel good in and feel a sense of pride and satisfaction with their home,” Weingart says, “It’s very gratifying when I see my friend and neighbor sitting outside and he tells me his patio is so awesome.”

Wake up from your dream and make plans to transform your outdoor space today. Visit GreenImage Landscape today at 4195 Millersville Road in Indianapolis, call them at 317-288-2921, or find them on the web at