by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Graham Photography

After such a challenging year, employees are eager to return to a fresh, updated workspace that will bring out the best in them, both professionally and creatively. MINDSET by Business Furniture + Choreo’s new showroom helps employers rethink their workspaces to create something safe and compelling while at the same time providing their employees with some touches of home.

According to Hannah Freiherr, Business Furniture + Choreo Director of Audience Development and one of the designers of the MINDSET project., it’s important that employers shift their mindset when it comes time to bring their employees back into the office postpandemic.

“It’s all about company culture and employee engagement,” says Freiherr. “Though working from home is a great part of a company’s ecosystem of space, realistically the magic, the serendipitous conversations, and the innovation happen when people are together in person.”

The MINDSET showroom creates environments that encourage employees to do their best work while also feeling residential.

“When you say ‘residential,’ people often expect the space to look exactly like your house, but that’s not the case,” says Freiherr. “We don’t copy and paste the look and feel from home into a work environment. Instead, we ask what it is about residential spaces that make us feel comfortable.”

For instance, at their office they have a bright purple rocking chair, which is not something Freiherr would put in her living room, yet it’s a fun piece of furniture for the office.

“The comfort of having different types of seating gives people a sense of choice and control,” says Freiherr. “People are drawn to pieces that speak to them. That’s why they gravitate to that same spot on the couch or that same place at the kitchen table.”

Freiherr has found that companies are increasingly being drawn to building a more casual, collaborative culture as it creates increased flexibility for employees.

“If you’ve got functional furniture that’s loose or self-seating, it can be rearranged or reworked quickly versus investing in lots of dedicated fixed workstations,” says Freiherr. This is not to say they have gotten rid of workstations, but this loose furniture enables those conversations and collaborations that don’t always occur in a traditional conference room.

“As employers continue to fight for great talent and make investments in their employees, physical environment shouldn’t be the barrier that keeps a company from thriving to their full capability,” says Freiherr. “This is something we can solve, this is something we can have a lot of fun with, and this is something that will continue to be at the forefront of employees’ expectations in the future.”

MINDSET by Business Furniture is located at 11634 Maple Street, Suite 100, Fishers, IN 46038. For more information, email or visit