by Shari Held

We all love our electronics, from our Keurig coffee makers to our LG large-screen TVs to our Roomba robot vacuum cleaners! Life wouldn’t be the same without them. And what about our communication devices – iPads, Smart Phones and computers? They all contain essential information we’d be lost without.

Many of today’s appliances have complex circuit boards which need to be protected. Sure, we plug them into individual surge protectors at the outlets. But is that good enough? A whole-house surge protector, installed in your home’s electrical panel, protects your entire electrical system and every electrical outlet in your home.

Power surges can be caused by external sources such as voltage overloads on utility lines or internal sources, such as your furnace or air conditioner. In fact, 80% of power surges are generated within your home. They may be small, but they can degrade the performance of your electronics and shorten their lifespan long-term.

“A surge protector in your panel protects the electronic components in your home by keeping a power surge from going through your panel to the rest of your home and reaching appliances and electronics,” says David Burtner, with Burtner Electric. “These power surges occur when power is suddenly returned after an outage or from a lightning storm where the strike occurs in your panel.”

That doesn’t mean you should get rid of your individual surge protectors.

“Surge protectors at the outlets are still important because they protect a surge at the individual outlet from a lightning strike or other electrical surges,” Burtner says.

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