by Courtney Pope 

Home improvement professionals experience common challenges on their journey to success. Through bi-weekly meetings, quarterly events and exclusive resources, Home Artisans of Indiana allows like-minded business leaders, with a growth-focused mindset, to create a personal network – ultimately helping members overcome their challenges while celebrating their successes.

Valued member Erin Moore, Executive Designer at California Closets, explains how HAOI has helped her professional career and personal relationships over the years, “A personal network is so critical for increasing my presence in the industry and for surrounding myself with like-minded individuals/businesses that help me to grow personally and professionally. People are the great connector and there is so much to learn and gain from these connections.”

“HAOI has helped by having a great group of invitation only members that provide incredibly valuable ideas/ ways of thinking and connections. Between the members and the content of meetings, HAOI helps continue the growth of my professional and personal network,” says Moore.

Christina Greive, CEO/Co-Owner of Polish Interior and Art Design and another esteemed member of the group added, “The biggest impact for me being a part of home artisans is knowing I have a group of individuals with whom I can confide, ask questions and get support on decisions. There is so much that can be learned from others’ experiences and advice. As a business owner, surrounding myself with other like-minded business owners I admire has certainly helped elevate my skills and business operations.”

If you are a home improvement specialist and are interested in growing your professional network with HAOI members, visit their website to learn more and request your invitation at