by Suzanne Huntzinger

Now you can get modern and traditional furniture to play well together in your home. PAIR’D Furnishings in Carmel has just introduced a new furniture line with features that lend well to both styles.

The new line is designed with some key elements that make the furniture more of a universal style. “We wanted a little more modern edge to the new line, but not so modern that it wouldn’t appeal to the more traditional client,” says Rory Craft, Lead Sales Associate at PAIR’D Furnishings, “When we start a line, we look at how pieces will layer together with things like artwork, lighting, rugs, and other decor. Styling a room is a lot like putting a wardrobe together.”

The foundation for the collection starts with pieces that are neutral in color and finish. “It makes it easy to imagine in your home. Start with good neutral staples and you can add fun flares of your personality and your own touches to your space,” Craft says.

Small details in the furniture like carving and ornate details make it unique. “The lines of the furniture tend to lend to a more modern or contemporary aesthetic, but the fine details make it traditional,” Craft says, “We can pair these pieces with the existing pieces in your home no matter what your style.” Some pieces in the new line include a very clean-lined dining chair with a wood curved leg or a coffee table with dark wood, and small brass accents.

Craft’s inspiration for the line was simple. Art. “We love pairing furniture with original art,” Craft says, “Having neutral pieces means you can use bold, original art in your spaces.”

Get inspired and check out the new collection today at PAIR’D Furnishings, 200 South Rangeline Road in Carmel, or visit