by Courtney Pope 

Design details of a garage door might seem like a dull task, but Precision Garage makes it an enjoyable process in three easy steps! In addition to their informative website with options and product information on steel, wood or even custom garage doors, Precision Door has a user friendly and truly fun online design experience to help with your next garage door selections!


Visit to review the three steps before buying a garage door. Here you will determine what type of garage door might best suit your home: steel, wood or custom. You can also learn about warranties and how Precision Door will do an exceptional job on your garage door.


Experience the Garage Door Designer program at by selecting a garage door size and current (or planned) exterior finishes. Next up is choosing the style, which ultimately should depend on the design of your home. Precision has styles from contemporary to traditional to arts and crafts and everything in between. Within each style, specific colors or stains are available. To finish your design, select window, handle and hinge options for extra details on your garage door. As you make each selection, the image updates in real-time to give a realistic view of your new garage door.


After designing your dream garage door, submit for a quote or give them a call for a completely custom garage door!

If the Garage Door Designer has you excited for your summer garage door replacement, consider Precision Door Indy. For additional questions, repairs or a quote, give them a call at 317-943-4737.