by Suzanne Huntzinger

The fears, stresses and challenges of Covid have impacted our home environments in a way no one ever expected. Given the immediate shift in the workforce from in-person to remote, and subsequently, the way our homes turned into classrooms, offices and gyms, it’s more important than ever for our homes to be a sanctuary.

Being at home more means we notice the little messes. Trivial things quickly become eyesores, making our homes no longer feel like a sanctuary, and the home improvement projects which were put off suddenly become priority.

Sunshine Brooks, Jennifer Finn, and Emily Pribble – The women behind Shine Design HOME – have a fresh approach on transforming those spaces into a place where you can escape when you need a little break from the pressures of the outside world. “Our environments have a huge impact on our well-being and it’s no surprise that we’ve been seeing more and more people invest in their homes during the last year,” Brooks says, “You’d be amazed at how the slightest update can transform a space into a warm, cozy, inviting area.”

Shine Design offers a curated selection of decor and furnishings that will make your home feel stylish, comfortable, and inviting. They also offer a variety of design services to help you create spaces that will make you and your loved ones feel more at home. “So, whether you’re ready to finally finish that basement, turn an extra room into an office, or simply spruce up your home, we’d love to help,” Brooks says.

Take that first step in creating or improving your comfort zone. Visit Shine Design HOME today at 8594 E 116th Street in Fishers or visit them on the web at