by Shari Held

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t given a lot of thought to ordering a generator lately. Generally, people wait until they’re gearing up for ice and snowstorms and the power outages that often accompany them. But power outages can happen in any season. A standby generator will help you manage power outages and maintain power for critical appliances, technology, and lights.

Having a generator could be a matter of life or death if someone in your household relies on a life-support device. If you work from your home, a couple days or a week offline could halt your work if you don’t have power to run your home office. And if you depend on a sump pump to keep your lower level dry, you could end up replacing damaged items or risk more serious water damage.

Maybe those scenarios don’t apply to you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from a generator. Have you considered the cost of replacing everything in your refrigerator or freezer? According to the FDA, food keeps for only four hours in a refrigerator after the power goes out, 48 hours in a fully-filled freezer, and 24 hours for a half-full freezer – that’s if you don’t open the door!

A generator gives you peace of mind. “Generators are one of those items that you want to have when the need arises, and you must plan in advance of the need,” says Burtner Electric owner Jodi Burtner. “There’s currently a backlog on Generac generators and we would encourage you to contact us now to order yours so we can get it installed before bad weather is an issue.”

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