by Courtney Pope | photos by Sarah Shields Photography

Homeowners don’t often get a behind the scenes look into the vendor partnerships that help build their homes, so we sat down with Architecture Designer for Christopher Scott Homes, Emily Handke, to dive into their custom process, learn more about the partnership they’ve created with McComb Pella Windows & Doors, and hear why most clients become friends by the end of a home build.

After graduating from Washington University with a degree in Architecture and working in commercial design in Seattle, Handke landed an unexpected position with a high-end residential builder working predominately on waterfront, multi-million-dollar homes. It was here Handke learned the ins and outs of residential architecture, made great supplier connections and had the opportunity to expand on both traditional and modern styles.

“After deciding to move back home to Carmel, Indiana, I searched for high-end residential builders and came across Christopher Scott. We have created a very unique partnership over the years. I truly love working with Chris, Scott, the entire team, our awesome vendors and lifetime clients turned friends,” said Handke.

Handke loves making a client’s experience 100% customized. From the date of their first meeting, to taking professional images, she asks personalized questions to fine-tune designs, walks clients through their house in both a 2D and 3D perspective, makes frequent site visits to check on progress and ultimately becomes an extension of the client’s family during the process and for years after.

Handke explained, “During our first meeting, I literally ask hundreds of questions – about how they live, if they have kids or pets. We walk through their daily life and get into the nitty gritty of the functionality of their home.”

For the second meeting, the client really starts to see the vision come to life with a printed set of 2D plans and then a 3D model on the computer. Handke continued, “Starting on the exterior, we walk around the house and I can show them exactly where windows and doors are, colors, materials and beyond. It’s a super unique design tool because so many people are visual, and it doesn’t make sense otherwise. Within our 3D design program, I can also download specific Pella windows and doors to place them in the model, so while we are ‘walking’ the exterior or interior, we can see through the windows and look directly at them, viewing details such as style, color, sill, jambs, heights and widths in relation to walls or rooms!”

Christopher Scott has a long-running relationship with McComb Pella.

“We hear if a client isn’t satisfied with something, but we NEVER hear about installed Pella Windows with our clients. Pella supplies an array of styles, satisfying nearly all of our custom homes. From French traditional to oversized modern steel-look windows, Pella can usually suit the build,” said Handke.

“Nacho is our McComb Pella sales consultant and he’s simply awesome. When I’m working on a project and have questions about a product line, cost analysis of a window design decision, or there’s a problem on site, Nacho is there to assist our team,” Handke said. For Handke, a particular recent custom home build Christopher Scott completed stands out in her mind thanks to the beautiful Pella Windows.

“We did something really unique with this home and hired a professional artist to stain and then white-wash the interior portion of the windows. As you can see from the images, this turned out beautifully!” stated Handke.

Speaking of beautiful and maybe a bit rare, along with the final product of a Christopher Scott home, friendships normally blossom from first meeting to the big move-in day.

Handke explained, “More often than not, clients become our close friends over the years, and we stay in touch beyond the final walk through! I believe that’s a true testament to our company, process, and relationships with people.”

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